Santa Tech, part 2


I was going to put your means of propulsion next on my list, but a thought occurred that no matter how fast you travel between recipients, you have about a billion to deliver to in a 24 hour period. This means less than a ten thousandth of a second per recipient, to include travel time, entering dwelling, reading letters, consuming offerings, and leaving gifts. Your physique does not suggest the running speed this would require, and I am sure you make each delivery in person, and do not resort to stooges.

I have to conclude you are somehow distorting space and time to allow this, and would therefore like to request the device that makes this possible. Obviously this is for academic interest, and would not be abused to bypass deadlines or for cheap tricks.

More to follow


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Santa Tech, part 1

Dear Santa,

I want your tech.

Not being selfish here, but you clearly have access to kit that would make NASA swoon, and like any geek, I wouldn’t mind a go.

Let’s start with your navigation system, apparently codenamed “rudolf”. It is able to get you to the right building for all of your recipients, even if not their normal place of residence. Now, obviously you can’t publish the database of recipients, aka “Nice List”, but even just for finding addresses, you’re outdoing a satnav. We often get calls from delivery drivers who can’t find our house, but you manage fine.

More to follow,


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