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Court ™! The Justice Computer!

Crown Industries proudly present the new Court ™ justice computer! Designed for countries needing a world class solution to fair justice dispensing, the Court ™ allows you to punish miscreants with an error rate far below competing solutions! Showcasing our … Continue reading

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The State is not a Charity

I reflected a while ago the coalition’s “big society” suggests an ill-founded conflation of the state with a charity. Various policies and opinions since then seem to fit this. This bothers me, as the state really isn’t a charity. Mistaking … Continue reading

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Press regulation – an alternative

Let me start by saying I’m actually broadly in favour of press regulation as currently being proposed by parliament. However, it is facing considerable headwind from both the press and from some liberals. I’m not going to critique the objections … Continue reading

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I’m sorry, I don’t care about your schism

I lurk round the fringes of a few different movements, such as organised scepticism, and it is an essential value of such groups that they aren’t homogenous. A variety of views coexist, and healthy debate is to be encouraged. What … Continue reading

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Why Growth?

Short post. Was wondering why “growth” is assumed as a good thing – relying on an ever changing state seems counter intuitive. I guess the point is that absolute growth is needed to maintain a stable state; localised growth is … Continue reading

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More content on the way

Articles on the way on press regulation as an engineering problem, and mature gaming. Stay tuned…

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Santa Tech, part 3

Continued… Whilst whatever device you have to manipulate time does reduce the requirements of whatever your propulsion system is, it still achieves another impressive feat, so my third item is your engines. Even a conservative estimate of your cargo (0.5kg … Continue reading

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