Court ™! The Justice Computer!

Crown Industries proudly present the new Court ™ justice computer! Designed for countries needing a world class solution to fair justice dispensing, the Court ™ allows you to punish miscreants with an error rate far below competing solutions!

Showcasing our revolutionary I.M.P.A.R.T.I.A.L. modular design, and a first-in-class transparent case, the Court ™ is able to offer a dramatic reduction in false positives! Never again will you have to worry about accusations of vindictive convictions – in the unlikely event of an error, the Court ™ can be rerun in a different configuration to verify the result!

Central to the design is the proven Judge module, known for its data storage and processing capabilities. Rather than operate a Judge in isolation, or running a hardcoded script, the Court ™ harnesses it as a central control unit, arbitrating messaging between other modules.

Modern justice requires the input of increasing amounts of data, due to international regulations baring decisions of basis of social class alone. Here at Crown Industries, we understand this, and the Court ™ is fully ECHR compliant. Data input is handled by two sets of Lawyer modules, one each dedicated to positive and negative data. This guarantees your justice has balanced input, offering peace of mind for a fair result.

What truly distinguishes the Court ™ is its handling of core processing with a Redundant Array of Independent Jurors (RAIJ). This combines twelve readily available Juror cores into one processing module, and its parallel execution offers unparalleled reliability. Whereas processing by a single core allows that core’s previous settings to interfere with the result, running twelve randomly chosen cores in parallel cancela out most of such interference.

To ensure backwards compatability with your existing laws, both Judge and Lawyer modules can be programmed in the established and trusted LATIN language. However, we at Crown Industries understand that LATIN support in jurors is deprecated, and offer Clerk communication modules to assist.

We are also aware of concerns over earlier, LATIN only, Judge modules suffering from the infamous MM bug, causing them to wrap around and function in MCM mode. Thankfully, the Court ™ has a transparent case, so such modules can be detected and, thanks to the modular design, replaced with an up to date model.

Don’t be ousted from power by accusations of unfair justice – invest in a Court ™ today!

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