Why Growth?

Short post.

Was wondering why “growth” is assumed as a good thing – relying on an ever changing state seems counter intuitive.

I guess the point is that absolute growth is needed to maintain a stable state; localised growth is inevitable since progress in certain areas is trivially necessary (eg. healthcare), so any areas not growing are effectively going backwards. So we need to run to stand still.

Hmm, this seemed a bit more meaningful before I started typing…


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One Response to Why Growth?

  1. guthrie says:

    There’s several reasons.
    One is that if you grow the pie, people are happier with their small chunk of it since it always seems to be increasing.
    Another is the effect of a debt based money supply, i.e. money is created by banks lending it out at a rate of interest, which means everyone has to grow things in order to pay back the principal and the interest.
    It also depends on how you define growth.

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