Santa Tech, part 3


Whilst whatever device you have to manipulate time does reduce the requirements of whatever your propulsion system is, it still achieves another impressive feat, so my third item is your engines.

Even a conservative estimate of your cargo (0.5kg per recipient) come in at a total of 500000 tonnes, about the capacity of a supertanker. Do you you carry the whole year’s consignment at once, or does your route include regular passes over lapland to reload? Even allowing a generous 500 passes, that still means 1000 tonnes of gifts, and possibly fuel/provisions, although I believe the latter is traditionally provided on route. Offerings of fuel raise interesting questions about your power generation, and your engines mechanism. If the fuel provided by recipients is anything more than a token gesture, you are clearly extracting engine from it by non-chemical means, and the quantities involved are inadequate for reaction mass.

Carbon based products seem poor choices for nuclear fusion or fission, suggesting some form of mass to energy conversion. Is this a separate device, or part of your engines? It would certainly have it’s uses in standalone applications. Without resupply of reaction mass, unless you carry this as well (and the amount required would start to dwarf the gifts), your engines are either some form of jet, or do not rely on thrust. The latter is given weight by the lack of reports of thrust damage, despite you landing in residential areas. Snow covered ground would also likely show evidence of enough thrust to get thousands of tonnes airborne. I assume conservation of momentum is maintained with the planet itself, perhaps via the magnetic field?

So, I’d like one of your engines please, and at least one of your carrot-and-oat power sources.

More to follow… 

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