Santa Tech, part 1

Dear Santa,

I want your tech.

Not being selfish here, but you clearly have access to kit that would make NASA swoon, and like any geek, I wouldn’t mind a go.

Let’s start with your navigation system, apparently codenamed “rudolf”. It is able to get you to the right building for all of your recipients, even if not their normal place of residence. Now, obviously you can’t publish the database of recipients, aka “Nice List”, but even just for finding addresses, you’re outdoing a satnav. We often get calls from delivery drivers who can’t find our house, but you manage fine.

More to follow,


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6 Responses to Santa Tech, part 1

  1. Nicholas Marsh says:

    I think you have missed a crucial factor. Delivery drivers get lost because they have never been to your house before. Santa visits every year, so he just needs to remember the route from last time. New houses are a bit of a problem, but they can be committed to memory form maps. Santa doesn’t need technology, just a very good memory.

    • elderpegasus says:

      He has of the order of a billion recipients. I think accurately recalling enough address data for all of them is pushing it!

  2. mike ward says:

    Santa is Ben Pridmore!!

  3. Nicholas Marsh says:

    But this is Santa. It does not pay to underestimate such a man.

  4. I see “the crew” hangs out here LOL

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